Only one rainy day and many gorgeous blue sky days…..filled with glorious, fun, educational and spiritual time together. A special thank you to all who planned this trip, all who joined the pilgrimage, all who prayed for us as we traveled, and especially to our spiritual leader, Justin!

Oxford, Christ Church

A unique place providing both education and spiritual environment for Oxford University and the Anglican community. Charles Dodgson lived and taught at Christ Church for 47 years and wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  The Christ Church Cathedral is a 12th century church with beautiful painted and stained glass windows that tell stories. Our guide provided a great tour and explained the stained glass window story of St. Frideswide. Rev’d Justin Ivatts lead us in Eucharist in the Latin Chapel, holding the shrine of St. Frideswide, the patron saint of Oxford. Readings and prayers were read by Jeanne Newell and Dick Edge.

Day 7: Lambeth Palace

Our group had a wonderful tour of Lambeth Palace on our last day of Pilgrimage. This is the London residence of Archbishop of Canterbury. It was built in 1490 and sits on the south bank of the Thames across from Parliament. We entered through a Tudor gate (Morton’s Tower)which opens to beautiful grounds with a White Marseilles fig tree which dates back to an original fig tree planted by Cardinal Pole in the 16th century. The buildings house a library with records of the Church of England and founded as a public library in 1610. Also a wonderful collection of Archbishop portraits that provided the guide with the structure for a fascinating history lesson for us.  The early English chapel constructed in the 13th century was heavily damaged in WWII and has been fully restored.  After Eucharist we then toured the beautiful gardens.


Day 6: Pilgrimage

Today, we motored two hours from Kensington to Oxford where we spent more than 2 hours touring the Christ Church. In 1525, Cardinal Wolsey founded Cardinal College and the church became the college chapel. It later became both the cathedral for the newly created Diocese of Oxford and a college in the University of Oxford. Reverend Ivatts began the morning at the church celebrating the Eucharist. Elise Flick, Jeanne Newell and Dick Edge assisted in the celebration. We then enjoyed a respite at the Head of the River Restaurant before returning to Kensington for a “surprise” birthday dinner for Elise back in Kensington.

Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

It’s Thursday of the sixth day of our visit to Southern England. We pilgrims were appropriately inspired by the sermon of Justin Ivatts as part of our morning Eucharist. Please notice the color of his vestments coordinated with the stained glass. The group later broke up to roam the Colleges and town of Oxford. A cloudy cold day turned sunny as the day wore on.

Day 5: Pilgrimage

On Day 5, the Pilgrims traveled from our hotel in Kensington to St. Paul’s Cathedral and then on to Westminster Abbey. The magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of London, as well as the mother church of the Diocese of London. After hearing an introduction to the life of Paul, we were given a 90- minute tour, including a visit to the Crypt. In the case of Westminster Abbey (last photo), since the coronation of William the Conqueror in 1066, all coronations of English and British monarchs have been held in Westminster Abbey. Sir Issac Newton, Edward the Confessor, Charles Darwin and a significant number of notable poets are among the 3,300 distinguished people buried in the Abbey.